Jonathan Dreyer

Jonathan Dreyer

Industrial Engineer. | Product Developer. | Mechanical Designer.

Jonathan Dreyer

Industrial Engineer. Product Developer. Mechanical Designer.


Embedded systems
Robotics / Vision / Automation
PCB Design
3D Mechanical CAD

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About me

I am a 29 years old engineer in embedded systems with a background in automation, robotics and industrial vision. I currently follow a Master of Science in Engineering (Information and Communication Technologies) at the HES-SO Lausanne in Switzerland. I appreciate a "do-it-yourself attitude" thus I enjoy spending time in a FabLab with 3D printers and laser cutting. I love practicing my favorite hobbies: RC helicopters as well as lightweight RC planes. I also like embedded systems and server&network.

My education gave me the skills to develop complete products from the idea to its realization when it comes to hardware as much as software. I am also able to use the industrial vision for process control, to develop a desktop application (C# & Java) and to program robotic application.

I am able to work independently although I like working in a team as well for the dynamic, the reactivity and the opportunity to learn from each other. As the saying goes: ‘two heads are better than one’.


My education and experience.


Master of Science HES-SO in Engineering

Embedded and Mobile Systems

C/C++, Embedded System, HDL, SOC, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, GPGPU, Android & iOS.

HES-SO, Lausanne

2015 - 2018

Bachelor of Science HES-SO in Computer Science

Automation and Embedded Systems

Assembler, C/C++, Java, Network, VHDL, SOC, LabVIEW, Embedded, PLC, Vision & Robotics.

HE-Arc, Neuchâtel

2012 - 2015

Technician in Automation

PLC, Electrics, Electronics, CAO, Sensor & Actuator.

CPLN ESNE, Neuchâtel

2007 - 2009

CFC Automation

Wiring, Mechanics & Programmation.

CPLN, Neuchâtel

2004 - 2007



Adaptation, modification, wiring of industrial furnace. Modification furnace with gaz equipment. Realisation spare part and draw wiring diagram.

Borel Swiss SA

2009 - 2014


Wiring panel CNC & electrical troubleshooting.

Schumacher & Cie SA

October 2007

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